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Operation Active Endeavour(OAE) demonstrates NATO’s resolve to help deter, defend, disrupt and protect against terrorism and is an example of the added essential value that NATO brings to the complex global fight against terrorism. OAE is a NATO Article 5 mission.

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Guidance and Advice

NATO observed ballistic missile activity in the central Mediterranean during the morning of 3 September 2013.  This activity was deemed not to be a threat to Alliance territory or interests; nor does it constitute an increased threat to merchant shipping.  Information related to this incident was posted on the JRCC Larnaca web page as “A navigation Danger Zone”.

Merchant ships and operators are encouraged to keep in close contact with Flag states, PortAuthorities – port of destination and local Agents, Suez Canal authorities as applicable, and to monitor open source reporting to help them make prudent decisions regarding the safety and security and to be fully updated on the current Security Level iaw the ISPS-Code.

Following the incident last week in the Suez Canal, there has been increased levels of securityashore, and we advise the merchant community to stay vigilant and to report any suspicious events throughout the Mediterranean.

There are currently no indications of an increased threat for merchant ships in the Mediterranean.

Naval forces and hailings by warships

Multinational NATO forces and individual warships and aircraft operate throughout the Mediterranean in support of OAE, conducting targeted operations and surveillance.  As part of their work , they may contact merchant ships on VHF to ask a few questions.  This is not intended to impede passage or cause delay, and the cooperation of merchant ships in responding is appreciated.


Mediterranean Voluntary Reporting Scheme

Upon entering, or leaving port within, the Mediterranean Sea, merchant ships are encouraged to send an Initial Report (also known as a Format Alfa report or Merchant Report) to the NSC at the address below.  This will enhance NATO’s forces ability both to assist you and to avoid interference between naval and merchant ships.


Fax +44(0)1923 956575 or

Phone +44(0)1923 956574

Please also report any suspicious activity to the NSC.



NATO coordinates and complements its efforts with other nations and organisations engaged in counter terrorism activities around the Mediterranean.  Due to cooperation and information sharing with partners such as those in the Mediterranean Dialogue and Partnership for Peace, OAE has begun transitioning from a platform (ships and aircraft) based to a network based operation.


NATO exercises

NATO forces conduct regular exercises in the Mediterranean.  From time to time, merchant vessels within, or on passage through, the exercise area are invited to participate in these exercises on a no-cost/no-delay basis.  Please see reporting information provided in navigation warnings and notices to mariners


Maritime Security Chart Mediterranean Sea

Maritime Security Planning Charts provide mariners with Security of Navigation routeing information to enable effective passage planning through an area of, or having the potential for, increase risk.  It should be uses in conjunction with navigation charts and publications.

For more information please see the UK Hydrographic Offices Maritime Security Chart for the Mediterranean.

Safety of Navigation

Masters are encouraged to monitor navigational, coastal and local warnings and Notices to Mariners.


NAVAREA III Warnings in force


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