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Niger Delta Pirates Seize Police Gunboat, Kill Four Policemen And Kidnap Six Oil Workers In Bayelsa   Leave a comment

Niger Delta militants

SaharaReporters gathered that the pirates have also dispossessed the policemen of a gunboat during the attack.

Two separate attacks reportedly occurred on Friday sending shockwaves down the spines of coastal communities and boat operators as the security sources appeared to be unable to match the firepower of the pirates.

While the Police spokesman said he was on official duty in Abuja and unaware of developments in his station, the Bayelsa state Police Commissioner said he was busy in a meeting when contacted for comments.

The ill-fated gunboat was escorting a barge owned by the Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC) when it was attacked.

The sea pirates who operated on a speedboat that ambushed the gunboat and suddenly opened fire on the policemen.

The pirates overpowered the police and later took control of the gunboat between Santa Barbara and Nembe waterways in Bayelsa.

A source in the Joint Task Force said the Agip barge and its occupants were not the target of the gunmen, rather the gunboat, and the gunboat driver was among kidnapped after the boat was hijacked.

The gunboat and the three police escorts and the boat operator were all kidnapped and are believed to have died.

“The barge and its occupants escaped because the gunboat was the target of the pirates.

“This incident happened along Santa Barbara and Nembe route at about 1.30pm. The pirates were after the gunboat and the police arms,” the security source said

Also in a separate incident, six personnel aboard a boat of an oil services company, Icon Xearex were abducted at Oluasiri in Nembe axis of Bayelsa on Friday.

“Six persons were abducted from the boat belonging to that company; the source said.


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Pirate Gangs Launch Attacks in Nigeria’s Oil Delta   Leave a comment


Pirates have launched a spate of attacks in the creeks of Nigeria’s oil-producing Niger Delta region since last Thursday, killing three policemen and abducting at least nine people, security officials said.


Most of those kidnapped were local workers in Africa’s biggest oil industry, where piracy in the surrounding waterways and seas is on the rise again after a brief lull, bucking a global trend that has seen pirate attacks fall elsewhere.


In the most recent attack, gunmen on a boat opened fire on police escorting a barge operated by Italian oil company ENI along the Santa Barbara River, killing three policeman.


“Sea pirates attacked and killed three of our men. They were escorting an Agip (ENI) barge when they were attacked. We have recovered their bodies and the gunboat,” police commissioner for Bayelsa state Valentine Ntomchukwu said by telephone.


A security source said the boat’s driver had also been kidnapped. ENI officials were not immediately available for comment.


Earlier on Friday, unknown gunmen attacked a boat and abducted six personnel from a local oil services company in the Nembe local government area. On Thursday, around seven pirates on a speedboat boarded a supply vessel, kidnapping the ship’s master and its chief engineer.


Piracy and kidnapping are expected to increase further as Nigeria prepares for an election next February, intelligence experts say. This is because elections increase the demand for funding, which some politicians obtain through their links with criminal networks.


Security in the Niger Delta is generally better than it was in the last decade, when the oil industry saw near daily militant attacks on oil installations and frequent kidnapping of oil workers, owing to a 2009 amnesty with militants.


But piracy and oil theft remain a major security headache.


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Tanker Srikandi 515 hijacked and missing, crew thrown overboard after 13 days captivity   Leave a comment

According to Indonesian media, product tanker Srikandi 515, loaded with 3,100 tons of palm oil, left Sampit, Kalimantan, on Oct 8, bound for Gresik, East Java. Vessel didn’t arrive to Gresik as scheduled, search was launched on Oct 17. On Oct 24 Malaysian fishermen picked up tanker’s crew and took them to Chendering, Malaysia, situated on Malaysian mainland territory on South East China sea coast. According to the 11 crew, vessel was captured by pirates on Oct 9. Crew was held captive for 13 days, locked, with eyes blindfolded. It is understood, that finally, the crew was disembarked on a life boat or life raft with food and water supplies. Tanker disappeared, search is under way. Last AIS position at 2234 (assumingly UTC) Oct 8 in 03 29S 113 03E, speed 5 knots, course 242 deg.
Product tanker Srikandi 515, IMO 9710828, dwt 3200, built 2013, flag Indonesia, manager LIMA SRIKANDI JAYA – JAKARTA, INDONESIA.

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Growth Forecasted for Maritime Security Market   Leave a comment

Various governments, regulatory bodies, and international trade/industry bodies are evaluating on how best to alleviate the risks in the maritime region. The risks in the maritime transportation are very high and also added up to huge losses in case of any illegal or terror activities. Maritime threats such as terrorist, environmental destruction, illegal seaborne immigration, and transnational criminal and piracy threats have created demand to have regulated and standard maritime security systems in place.


Maritime security is imperative due to the increasing number of maritime threats, which may disrupt the international trade and also cause political unrest. Maritime security is necessary for the protection of ports and also for the security of the critical infrastructures. The coastal surveillance is also important to safeguard a nation and the people against various threats.


Various rules and standards have been set up, so that the maritime systems and solutions are regulated. Many countries have their own rules and compliances which must be followed the flag state of a commercial vessel is the state under whose laws the vessel is registered or licensed, which is also necessary during international trade. These regulations play an important role in the design and integration of the maritime security systems as well as maintain coordination for international trade. The advancement in technology has helped to develop state-of-the-art systems for maritime security.


The Asia Pacific (APAC) is expected to have the largest market share, which will be succeeded by Middle East and Africa (MEA), in 2019. Due to increase in the laws and regulations, and also the increasing instances of maritime threats, an increasing trend in implementation of maritime security solutions in the emerging Brazil, Russia, China, and India (BRIC) countries has been noted.


The vendors of maritime security include companies such as Kongsberg, Raytheon, Terma, Thales Group, Northrop Grumman Corporation, and Honeywell. Other companies that cater to the maritime security market include Aegis, Hart Security, HudsonAnalytix, Neptune Maritime Security Ltd., and Trident Group. The maritime security market research report analyzes global adoption trends, future growth potentials, key drivers, restraints, opportunities, and best practices in this market. The report also analyzes market sizes and revenue forecasts across different regions as well as industry verticals.


This report segments the maritime security market by type of technologies and systems: screening and scanning, access control, detectors, Geographic Information System (GIS), surveillance and tracking, weather monitoring, smart containers, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), communication, and others; by type of services: training, risk assessment and investigation, maintenance and support, consulting, and others; by categories: port and critical infrastructure security, vessel security, and coastal surveillance; and by regions: North America (NA), Asia Pacific (APAC), Europe (EU), Middle East and Africa (MEA), and Latin America (LA).


The report forecasts the maritime security market to grow from $13.94 billion in 2014 to $20.87 billion in 2019. Over the next 5 years, this market is expected to experience high traction in Asia-Pacific (APAC), Latin America (LA), and the Middle East and Africa (MEA) regions.


The maritime security market report will help the market leaders/new entrants in this market in the following ways:


1. This report segments the market into various solutions, providing the closest approximate market forecasts for the overall market and the subsegments. The report further analyzes market numbers and provides split across regions.


2. This report will help the market leaders/new entrants in better understanding of the competitors and help gain more insights to enhance their position in business. There is a separate section on competitive landscape, including mergers and acquisition, venture capital funding, and social reach of the players in the market. Besides, it covers company profiles of 10 major players in this market.

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When it comes to tactical medicine, Israel is a world leader and has been responsible for no end of simple but highly effective devices from the Israeli Bandage to the Injured Personnel Carrier (IPC) and more.

This time, Israel’s brand new “Top Closure” is “zipping up” serious combat wounds.

Invented by an Israeli plastic surgeon, this device allows EMS and pararescue personnel to temporarily close a gaping wound swiftly and effectively.  “When trying to close a wound with sutures, we apply high tension to the skin,” he says. “With TopClosure we can spread the tension on the skin about 100,000 times higher than we could do before.”

The TopClosure 3s Trauma Management System has been approved for use in Israel, the United States and Europe, and is already being utilized in combat and natural disaster emergency situations including most recently during the medevac of IDF troops from Gaza during Operation Protective Edge.

The TopClosure 3S TMS is also being used on civilians under emergency laceration and gash circumstances.

“We’ve been using it clinically already for a few years, collecting a lot of data to show the scope of applications,” says Topaz, chief of plastic surgery at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in Hadera. “It’s changing the way we’ve been handling the closure of wounds to avoid further damage and contamination to the injured tissues.”

I’m sure most of you know the previous method this device is replacing (cleaning and suturing the wound, then applying a skin graft). Medics, paramedics, surgeons and other physicians are now able to “zip and unzip” wounds for easier evaluation and treatment.  The TopClosure simplifies the process, which also cuts down the time it takes for a victim’s wound to heal.

It looks like the top closure will be charging onto the tactical rescue scene pretty soon as another Israeli tool that improves combat survivability and chances of recovery even from some of the most serious combat wounds.

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Piracy row Scot Billy Irving ‘struggling’ in India   Leave a comment

Billy IrvingMr Irving has spent over a year in India since the ship was detained

A Scottish man trapped in India by a dispute over anti-piracy operations has said he is struggling to support himself.

Speaking exclusively to BBC Alba’s An La programme, Billy Irving said the British authorities had provided little practical support.

He is on bail but unable to leave India.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) said it could provide advice but not financial assistance.

Mr Irving, from Connel in Argyll, was arrested along with the rest of the crew of the MV Seaman Guard Ohio on 12 October 2013.

The Indian authorities accused them of illegally possessing weapons.

Their vessel is a private US-owned ship which was providing anti-piracy protection when it strayed into Indian waters.

Five other British nationals were on the ship:

  • Nick Dunn, of Ashington, Northumberland
  • Ray Tindall from Chester
  • Paul Towers from Pocklington, North Yorkshire
  • John Armstrong from Wigton, Cumbria
  • Nicholas Simpson, from Catterick, North Yorkshire

Charges against them were dropped in July.

MV Seaman Guard Ohio                                          Indian authorities said they found weapons and ammunition which had not been properly declared


Taking part in his first broadcast interview, Mr Irving told BBC Alba: “As far as I know, we were allowed to go home.

“All we had to do was get our passports, belongings, and a No Objection Certificate that we’re allowed to leave the country with no further charges.”

Mr Irving and the other members of the crew raised an action in the courts to ensure they had the relevant paperwork but then discovered that they may face further charges.

“By the time we’ve got a hearing for it in the High Court an application had been put in (for a criminal prosecution).

“I’m assuming the process will be put on stay until the Supreme Court now has to have a judgement on the High Court’s decision.”

Mr Irving said he and his colleagues had been left in limbo, unable to go home and unable to support themselves in India.

The crew said they have not paid by their employers AdvanFort since their arrest.


Mr Irving praised the FCO for ensuring mail and parcels got to them in prison but claimed it had done little since.

He said: “Apart from that the FCO have basically done nothing to help us.

“Start Quote

We do not provide financial assistance to British nationals overseas”

FCO spokesman

“They can’t get involved in the legal system, which we understand, but on the welfare side they’ve not helped us at all.

“I have emails from them saying they will not help us when we have no accommodation, no food, no money to get ourselves stuff.

“They say it’s the responsibility of my friends and family back home to support me.”

The FCO has confirmed that it is limited in the help it can provide.

A spokesman said: “We are aware of recent developments in the case of the six British nationals in India and await the outcome of the Supreme Court hearing.

“We continue to provide consular assistance to the men and raise their case at the highest levels within the Indian government, which we will continue to do as appropriate.”

He said they do not, as a matter of policy, comment on any aspects of a legal case or interfere in another country’s judicial system “just as they cannot interfere in ours”.

He added: “We do not provide financial assistance to British nationals overseas.

“We can liaise with their family and friends to see if they can provide them with financial assistance.”

The interview with Billy Irving will be broadcast on An La on BBC Alba at 19:00 on Friday 24 October.


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Ships currently in range   Leave a comment

Find ships currently in range from all over the world. Discover their characteristics, browse through community-uploaded photos and see their current position on the map. Use the filters to narrow your search and click My Fleet to monitor closely (feature for registered users only).

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