Colombia Seizes China-flagged Ship, Illegal Cargo   Leave a comment

Colombia detains China-flagged ship

By MarEx 

Cosco’s general cargo ship, the China-flagged Da Dan Xia, was detained by Colombian authorities at the Port of Cartagena on March 1st for the illegal transportation of roughly 100 tons of ammunition and other materials used to make explosives. The ship was stopped on Saturday when the illegal cargo was discovered during a routine inspection.

According the Luis Gonzalez, the national director of the attorney general’s office, Colombian authorities uncovered “around 100 tons of powder, 2.6 million detonators, 99 projectiles and around 3,000 cannon shells” on the Da Dan Xia. Gonzalez also said that the materials had been listed in the vessel’s records as ‘grain products’, listings that clearly did not match what was actually on board the cargo ship.

The ship’s captain will be seen by a judge, Gonzalez added, while other officials said he could be charged with illegal transport of military materials.

The Da Dan Xia was traveling from Cartegena to Baranquilla, with Cuba as the ship’s final destination.

Photographs from the prosecutor’s office showed wooden cases inside a shipping container with labels stating Chinese defense manufacturer Norinco as the supplier. The recipient was stated as importer Tecnoimport in the Cuban capital Havana.

This mirrors a similar incident that took place during the summer of 2013, when a North Korean ship was stopped while attempting to travel the Panama Canal with an estimated 240 tons of Cuba-bound weaponry. That vessel also did not have proper documentation for its cargo, and much like the Da Dan Xia, its captain resisted inspection of his ship.

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