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14.03.2015: 0530 LT: Posn: 04:45S – 011:48E, Point Noire Outer Anchorage, Congo.
Unnoticed robbers boarded an anchored barge vessel. They broke open store room, stole ship properties and escaped. The incident was detected the next morning.
12.03.2015: 2254 LT: Posn: Terminal 5, Apapa Port, Lagos, Nigeria.
Duty pump man onboard a berthed product tanker, noticed two robbers hiding near the hatch cover of No.1 Cargo oil tank. He immediately informed the duty officer and alerted all crew. Seeing the alerted crew the robbers jumped overboard, disconnected their own hoses and escaped. Upon inspection, it was noticed that around five cubic meters of base oil was stolen. Agents and Port Security Officer informed.
11.03.2015: 0500 LT: Posn: 10:15N – 107:02E, Vung Tau Anchorage, Vietnam.
Duty AB onboard an anchored bulk carrier noticed robbers on deck. He immediately informed the duty officer. Alarm raised and crew alerted. The robbers stole ship’s stores and escaped. No injury to crew.
09.03.2015: 2108 UTC: Posn: 01:43N – 105:50E, Around 37nm South of Pulau Repong, Indonesia.
Seven pirates, in a speed boat, wearing masks and armed with guns and long knives boarded and hijacked a product tanker underway. They took hostage the crew members, damaged all the communication and navigational equipment, transferred the MFO cargo into another vessel and escaped. One crew suffered minor injury during the incident. The Owners informed the MMEA who dispatched their vessel for investigations.
07.03.2015: 0930 LT: Posn: 06:13.11N – 119:50.18E, Around 18nm NNW of Laparan Island, Philippines.
A suspected mother vessel disguised as fishing vessel deployed six high speed skiffs which chased a bulk carrier underway. The persons onboard the skiffs wearing camouflage clothes circled around and attempted to board the ship. Master raised alarm, water spray system activated, increased speed, took evasive manoeuvres, broadcast security messages continuously via VHF channel 16 and contacted Philippines navy for assistance. Upon hearing the Philippines navy’s reply on the VHF channel, the skiffs aborted the attempted attack and moved away.
03.03.2015: 0425 LT: Posn: Berth No.9, Apapa Port, Lagos, Nigeria.
Eight robbers boarded a berthed reefer ship. Ship’s security watch spotted the robbers and raised the alarm. Seeing the crew alertness, the robbers escaped empty handed.

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