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Pirates Attack Tanker off Malaysia   2 comments

Gun and Tanker

By Kathryn Stone.

The Malaysian-flagged tanker Oriental Glory was attacked by a group of 30 pirates on May 15, marking the seventh incident of fuel siphoning in Asia this year.

The roughly 3,000 dwt vessel had departed Labuan and was en route to Tanjung Manis when six fishing boats surrounded the tanker in an area of off Bruit Island in Malaysia. The armed men then forced the vessel to another location further south and siphoned approximately 2,500 tons of bunker fuel from the ship. After robbing the crew of personal effects, the pirates left the vessel.

All members of the crew are safe and have been transported to Tanjung Manis to aid in the piracy investigation.

This is the third piracy attack on Oriental Glory in under a year. In July of 2014 a team of 25 armed men carried out another fuel siphoning attack and in November the captain of theOriental Glory managed to foil another incident.

The news comes as the anti-piracy organization ReCAAP has noted a strong increase in piracy for the first quarter of 2015, with severe incidents including fuel siphoning topping the list of organization’s concerns. The lower portion of the South China Sea, where the attack on the Oriental Glory took place, is a known hotspot for pirate activity.

ReCAAP has urged ships to be on heightened alert when traveling near the area and, Monday of last week Rear Admiral Lai Chung Han, Chief of Navy for Singapore, announced that his country, Malaysia and Indonesia are in discussions to heighten patrol efforts in the areas of the South China Sea most affected by piracy.

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Pirates Attack Product Tanker in Malacca Straits   Leave a comment

Asian Pirates

By Kathryn Stone

A small product tanker, the Singapore registered Ocean Energy, was hijacked and had its fuel cargo stolen as it passed through the Malacca Straits over the weekend.

The 6500dwt tanker, owned by Ocean Tankers, a subsidiary of Hin Leong Trading was carrying a cargo shipment from Singapore to Myanmar when it was boarded by eight hostiles.  The attack took place around 2130 hrs the night of May 2. Upon boarding the vessel, the perpetrators locked the captain and crew members away, then forced the ship to anchor off Port Dickson. A barge subsequently came alongside the vessel and offloaded 2,023 tons of gas oil.

The pirates damaged the Ocean Energy’s communication systems and stole money and cellphones from the ship’s crew as well as the vessel’s Iridium satellite phone.

No one was injured in the attacked and the pirates left the vessel around 0430 hrs the next morning. The Ocean Energy was able to make contact with its home port and began its return an hour later.

This incident marks the fifth fuel siphoning attack since the beginning of the year, and it is the second time in a year that an Ocean Tankers’ vessel has been attacked. Back in September 2014 a similar hijack occurred aboard the Ocean Osprey with assailants stealing money and personal efforts from crew members.

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Live Piracy & Armed Robbery Report   Leave a comment

05.05.2015: 1958 LT: Posn: 21:48.1N – 091:42.0E, Chittagong Outer Anchorage, Bangladesh.
Armed robbers boarded an anchored tanker and began arguing with the two shore watchmen. Duty crew heard raised voices and noticed the robbers attacking the watchmen. He informed the bridge. A gun shot was heard and the crew immediately ran into the accommodation. Alarm raised, ship’s whistle sounded and crew mustered. Seeing alerted crew the robbers jumped overboard and escaped. Attempts to contact the port control was unsuccessful. Upon investigation, it was found tha

05.05.2015: 0445 LT: Posn: 01:03.6N – 103:37.2E, Around 5.3nm SSW of Pulau Nipah, Indonesia.
While underway, a skiff increased speed and came alongside a bulk carrier. Alert crew spotted the skiff and informed bridge. Master raised alarm, announced on PA and alerted the crew. Two robbers with the help of a hook climbed up to the ship’s rails but retreated when they say the crew alertness. Singapore VTIS informed.

02.05.2015: 2130 LT: Posn: 02:14N – 101:56E (Around 11nm SSE of Tanjung Tuan, Malaysia), Malacca Straits.
Eight persons armed with guns and long knives boarded a tanker carrying gasoil enroute from Singapore to Myanmar. They held the third officer at gunpoint, took control of the bridge, locked the Master in a cabin and all other crew members in the ship’s hospital, and hijacked the tanker. They damaged all communication equipment and anchored in position 02:19.3N – 101:40.4E (around 13nm SSW of Port Dickson, Malaysia), Malacca Straits. Another cargo vessel came alongside and the cargo was transferred. Before leaving the tanker they stole ship’s and crew cash, Iridium phone, and crew personal belongings. All crew safe. Master managed to inform the Owners. The Malaysian Authority boarded the tanker enroute to Singapore for investigation.

01.05.2015: 0410 LT: Posn: 01:43N – 101:24E, Dumai Anchorage, Indonesia.
Duty motorman onboard an anchored product tanker noticed a small boat with five persons roaming around the vessel. After a while the persons attempted to board the vessel from the poop deck. Alarm raised and crew mustered. Seeing the crew alertness, the persons jumped into the water and escaped. Nothing is stolen.

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Three Kidnapped off Nigerian Coast   Leave a comment

Obangame trainingA training scenario in Obangame Express 2015.

By MarEx 2015-04-13 15:55:21

French oil services company Bourbon Offshore confirmed on Monday that three Nigerian crew members have been kidnapped after one of its crew boats was boarded the night of April 8.

The crew members were aboard the Surfer 1440 when kidnapped. All three have been confirmed to be of Nigerian nationality.

Bourbon issued a statement today stating, “an emergency unit based in Nigeria has been immediately activated. Bourbon Interoil Nigeria is in contact with the families, supports and informs them regularly.”

Bourbon operates a fleet of light, fast cruisers it calls Surfers that are used to move professionals to offshore oil and gas sites, especially in West Africa. This type of speed boat can carry up to 20 people and light packages to the oil facilities.

Navy foils hijack attempt

In a separate incident in Nigeria, the navy foiled an attempt by 10 pirates to hijack the tanker Imassailing in to the country over the weekend.

The gang had overpowered the crew when the navy stormed the vessel. Some of the escaping pirates were injured, one was arrested.

Piracy has been on the increase in the Gulf of Guinea, sparking concerns that West Africa is becoming a new crime center.

Show of force

The Nigerian Navy, led by the Chief of Naval Staff Vice Admiral Usman Jibrin, was a major participant in the March 2015 international maritime show of force, which had 21 participating countries from Africa, United States and Europe.

Named “Exercise Obangame Express”, a Cameroon word for “Togetherness”, the operation is a U.S. Africa Command-sponsored multinational maritime exercise particularly designed to increase maritime safety and security in the Gulf of Guinea. It first started in 2010. The participating navies used the occasion to issue a warning to those involved in piracy or the purchase of stolen products as they deployed dozens of vessels during the one week operation.

Participating nations included São Tomé and Principe, Spain, Turkey, Denmark, Portugal, Gabon, Congo, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast, Italy, Benin Republic, Angola, Brazil, Cameroon, France, Norway, Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom and the United States, as well as the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS).

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