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05.05.2015: 1958 LT: Posn: 21:48.1N – 091:42.0E, Chittagong Outer Anchorage, Bangladesh.
Armed robbers boarded an anchored tanker and began arguing with the two shore watchmen. Duty crew heard raised voices and noticed the robbers attacking the watchmen. He informed the bridge. A gun shot was heard and the crew immediately ran into the accommodation. Alarm raised, ship’s whistle sounded and crew mustered. Seeing alerted crew the robbers jumped overboard and escaped. Attempts to contact the port control was unsuccessful. Upon investigation, it was found tha

05.05.2015: 0445 LT: Posn: 01:03.6N – 103:37.2E, Around 5.3nm SSW of Pulau Nipah, Indonesia.
While underway, a skiff increased speed and came alongside a bulk carrier. Alert crew spotted the skiff and informed bridge. Master raised alarm, announced on PA and alerted the crew. Two robbers with the help of a hook climbed up to the ship’s rails but retreated when they say the crew alertness. Singapore VTIS informed.

02.05.2015: 2130 LT: Posn: 02:14N – 101:56E (Around 11nm SSE of Tanjung Tuan, Malaysia), Malacca Straits.
Eight persons armed with guns and long knives boarded a tanker carrying gasoil enroute from Singapore to Myanmar. They held the third officer at gunpoint, took control of the bridge, locked the Master in a cabin and all other crew members in the ship’s hospital, and hijacked the tanker. They damaged all communication equipment and anchored in position 02:19.3N – 101:40.4E (around 13nm SSW of Port Dickson, Malaysia), Malacca Straits. Another cargo vessel came alongside and the cargo was transferred. Before leaving the tanker they stole ship’s and crew cash, Iridium phone, and crew personal belongings. All crew safe. Master managed to inform the Owners. The Malaysian Authority boarded the tanker enroute to Singapore for investigation.

01.05.2015: 0410 LT: Posn: 01:43N – 101:24E, Dumai Anchorage, Indonesia.
Duty motorman onboard an anchored product tanker noticed a small boat with five persons roaming around the vessel. After a while the persons attempted to board the vessel from the poop deck. Alarm raised and crew mustered. Seeing the crew alertness, the persons jumped into the water and escaped. Nothing is stolen.


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