Pirate Shootout Video Goes Viral   1 comment


By MarEx 

A video posted on YouTube on Thursday showing private security guards firing at Somali pirates has gone viral.

The footage may not be recent, but the region has seen a recent resurgence in incidents.

Incidents of Somali piracy have increased in recent months. The hijack of the tanker Aris 13, on March 13, was the first reported hijack of a vessel covered by IMO regulations by Somali pirates since the tanker Smyrni in May 2012.

Oceans Beyond Piracy’s analysis indicates the number of reported failed attacks and suspicious incidents rose in 2016. Armed security teams deterred 11 attacks in 2016.

Earlier this month, foreign naval forces reportedly shot dead two Somali pirates in international waters. The pirates were attempting to hijack an unidentified ship near the Gulf of Aden on Saturday. Another pirate was injured during the incident.

Posted April 25, 2017 by rrts in -NEWS

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