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RRTSIA has a K-9 section with a military personnel training staff, who worked for more than 14 years in dog training and international missions.
It offers a unique perspective, his extensive military experience canine, forming military, police and private security units using high quality races with four specialties:






We offer expertise in research and development programs K9 work.
This service provides customers, K9 training guide and fully tested and certified dogs.

In order to offer our customers a working dog quality, we employ an experienced K9 team. Our goal is to develop the best quality of our dogs in specialized services in all aspects of the work to develop.

K9 Our services are performed in a continuous research of new methods of defense against terrorist struggle, with a focus on improving the quality of canine training and the identification of the uses of the latest advances in technology.
Being able to carry out research, analysis and advice.



Posted December 12, 2013 by rrts

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  1. muy buenas, un amigo y yo estamos interesados en hacer el curso maritimo , tenemos informacion de amigos de aqui de colombia necesitamos una direccion de correo para enviarles nuestro cv muchas gracias

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