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Security and Protection is a priority for an increasing number of companies.
For RRTSIA, it makes sense to keep the security experts on staff, giving a service “Of Professionals for professionals”.
Before you can make the decision to manage security and protection or outsource it, you should have a good idea of what it takes to build out a security team.

RRTSIA has highly qualified personnel in the military, police and private security area.


Security professionals are on the front lines of a constantly changing threat space, for this reason, the RRTSIA Security Teams are ready in continuos training.

The RRTSIA members, conduct annual recycling training, which are agree to the standards of the association to maintain their qualities.

The Security Teams have a high professional competition in the security sector.


More than 40 professional operators ready for international deployment in Hight Risk Areas.







Posted December 12, 2013 by rrts

2 responses to “Security Teams

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  1. buen dia soy militar activo en la fuerza aerea colombiana.perteneci por 5 años a el ejercito de mi pais colombia como suboficial de infanteria con especializaciones en combate rural. quiero hacer parte de su equipo de trabajo.

  2. Dear I armed security team captain minhoon.bae Korea Is it possible we want your teaDear I armed security team captain minhoon.bae Korea Is it possible we want your team with good information exchange?

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